Fall Lawn Maintenance Services

This fall, entrust your yard maintenance services to a professional landscaper and free up your weekends to enjoy more time with your family. The beauty of the outdoors is calling your name. Between Halloween activities, fall fun such as corn mazes and hayrides, leaf watching, and fall festivals, there is plenty to do. Using a professional landscaping service can allow you to make the most of the area activities without guilt.

A wise homeowner is mindful that in the fall, it is important to prepare lawns, flowerbeds, gardens, and other elements on the property for the winter ahead. Winters can be rough, and predictions for the 2016 season indicate that most areas will have higher than average snowfall and colder temperatures this year. This makes it particularly important to get your lawn ready to withstand upcoming weather.

There are several steps in a good fall lawn maintenance program.

Attending To Your Lawn

  1. Clean up the remains of summer. Leaves, debris, and even lawn ornaments can lead to fungal diseases such as snow mold, lure pests and insects, and smother the grass. If possible, mulch the leaves as they fall to allow them to feed the grass.
  2. Cut your grass progressively shorter so that it is about one inch tall before the snow hits. This is a good height to protect the crown or growth center of the plant, while preventing the grass from smothering itself or developing disease as a result of being too long.
  3. Gradually reduce watering in the fall to prevent water logging the grass, which no longer needs as much additional moisture is it did during summer heat.
  4. Fertilize your lawn with a quick-release high nitrogen fertilizer after your final mowing. According to the Utah State University Extension, late fall fertilization is crucial to helping the lawn make it through the winter and be drought resistant next summer. This type of fertilization is not to be confused with slow-release nitrogen products applied at the start of fall.
  5. Consider services such as thatching and lawn aeration to provide more nutrients and oxygen to grassroots. While this process can also be done in the late winter or early spring, many homeowners prefer to take care of this in the fall. After aeration, overseed the lawn to thicken it next year.

Other Fall Maintenance

  1. Remove old dead plants from flower beds and gardens and remove weeds. This will guarantee that if there is a break in the snow that leaves your beds exposed, they will still look neat. When spring comes, you will have less work to do to get ready for the new season.
  2. Plant spring bulbs, new trees and evergreens for next year. A good landscaping company can recommend plants and trees that will look great in your yard and get them off to a good start in the fall so as to ensure a beautiful yard next year.
  3. Prune dead tree limbs that could break off and create hazards in the winter.

Considering that your lawn is among the most dominant features of your yard, it is important to arrange for proper maintenance throughout the year. While you might be tempted to ignore your yard at this time of year, doing these yard chores will assure a beautiful lawn next spring. Even better – hire a good lawn company to do these all-important lawn maintenance services.