Wardrobe Design for the Man Of The House

Men need their own customized wardrobes as much as women; with the growing fashion styles and trends, sharing wardrobes is out of the question. Everyone must have their own space to organize and put away their belongings. When men share wardrobes with women as they did, it’s almost always that the woman takes up more of the available space! Read along this article for a few tips to create a trendy and sophisticated design for a men’s wardrobe.

Men too have an array of accessories items to store in their wardrobe. Briefcases, backpacks, watches, ties, shoes and belts need their own space too. Women are not the only ones with a fashion sense and a man’s confidence and style is sure to boost from having his own personal space!

A recent trend in designing a fabulous men’s wardrobe is to involve dark colour finishes whether it’s a black-stained melamine or a maple wood veneer, men’s closet systems almost never seem to be anything else these days. Men themselves love to incorporate dark colours into their custom made wardrobes. An explanation to this could be the contemporary and modern feel the dark stained wardrobes provide. Dark colours also accentuate edges and give wardrobes a sleek and streamlined look. This is also a bleak contrast to women who generally prefer light colours like white as well as bright fun colours! Dark wood also carries a factor of sophistication and causes men to feel successful and satisfied in the mornings, which for sure would carry on all day.

A man’s pride is most definitely his collection of wonderful shoes and to accentuate its look, dark colours on the wardrobe definitely do the trick. Men often own multiple pairs of shoes from neon coloured basketball kicks to full black alligator leather dress shoes. In order to display them properly, they can’t clash with the overall décor. Coloured finishes like white melamine can be an eyesore for men, with both bright and dark shoes overpowering the overall colour of the system. Dark colours, on the other hand, facilitate men’s shoes effectively, letting the colours harmoniously match. It also doesn’t hurt that dark colours go well with other primary colours.

Make sure to add in the essentials, a full sized mirror, shelves, drawers and hanging space. Believe it or not you need it. You must also make sure to maximise your space as much as possible, what most people don’t realise is that from floor to ceiling is potential storing space. With the right built in or custom cabinetry with compartments for smaller items, your things will be organised.  Be sure to put in ample of good lighting for a fresher feel to the dark stained wardrobe design.

Closets these days are no more just a single hanging rod with a shelf on top, they have evolved much over the years. Now you can get customized wardrobe that match the aspects of the rest of your living space in the home. If you love the contemporary look you may go with a sleek modern wardrobe design. However if you prefer something more luxurious and ornate you may opt for custom mouldings and much more. High end closets should look like a built in piece of furniture in the home. Not only will it look beautiful but will actually bring up the home’s value.